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At Alliance Financial Group Berhad ("AFGB"), we understand that you may be concerned about the confidentiality and security of information exchanged between yourself and AFGB online, as you access and interact with our website.

Please be informed that AFGB respects your privacy and AFGB is committed to safeguarding all your confidential information. To assist in this regard, AFGB has instituted a variety of security measures which keeps safe AFGB's computer system, data and information base.

Also please be informed that even AFGB employees with authority to access customer confidential information are obliged to keep and maintain such information confidential. Pursuant to the Financial Services Act 2013, each AFGB employee is bound by written declarations to maintain such confidentiality in accordance with the law.


The information that AFGB collects from you from our website depends on the type and nature of facility used.

For instance, when you browse or download information, only the date and time of your visit and pages viewed or downloaded are recorded.

If you apply online for credit facilities, you are only required to provide AFGB with the usual and basic information such as name and address, details of income, credit history and employment. All of which would also have been required if the application had been made over the bank s counter.

All customer information when transmitted to AFGB is encrypted, thus making it inaccessible to third parties.

Apart from using the information to identify you, the information is only used to provide AFGB with a better understanding of your interest and needs, and to enable us to improve our services and to keep you informed about our products.


Save where required by law, we will not share any customer information with any third party.

AFGB may share information about you with agents duly appointed to assist AFGB with its banking duties, functions and services, and with entities within AFGB in order to render more effective and efficient service. But even such information is only provided in accordance with the law; and as with our employees, all such agents and entities within the Group remain obliged to keep such information confidential.

Whilst we may maintain links with third party websites to facilitate and increase product availability and options to you, we do not share any customer information with such third parties without your prior express agreement and consent.


AFGB regularly reviews and will whenever appropriate implement suitable advancements and new developments into its security and encryption systems.

AFGB currently uses 128-bit encryption for the transferring of data and customer information.

In addition, AFGB uses a variety of security measures and procedures, and controls access to its data processing centres and information stored in the system.


As AFGB's customers, you too, have a part to play.

AFGB reminds all customers that under no circumstances should any password or personal identification number ("PIN") be revealed to anyone, including AFGB employees, and to keep all records of such password or PIN safe and secure, at all times.

You are also reminded that you are entitled to and should immediately change your password or PIN if the security thereof has been or is suspected to be compromised.

You should also immediately inform AFGB of any discrepancy, error or suspicion that security has been breached.


AFGB may on occasion use a "cookie" to interact with your browser. This cookie is harmless to you and simply provides the bank's system an easier and more effective means of communication with your system. Most current browser programmes can be configured to delete, reject or refuse such cookies.


If you have any further queries or suggestions, please contact AFGB via e-mail at info@alliancefg.com or visit the nearest AFGB subsidiaries' branches.

AFGB will do its best to assist and provide prompt response.